Same old same old – only worse this year

IRIN issued their Top 10 list of countries facing humanitarian crises in 2018. It doesn’t make good reading.


It’s that team of year when retrospectives and predictions come to the fore.

Does it really matter who will win this of that or whether the Wall St will finish the year at a new high or not?  Most I can ignore or spend just a few moments on.

But IRIN news – the well respected humanitarian news organisation – gave some chilling stats for their 2018 predictions.

If last year was one of the most difficult years for humanitarian crisis ever then 2018 looks likely to be even worse. IRIN News’ Top Ten for 2018 doesn’t make good reading .
irin news

  1. Syria – after 7 years of war humanitarian need is not going away
  2. Democratic Republic of Congo is unravelling with huge population displacement – 1.7 million people abandoned their homes.
  3. Yemen famine gets worse by the day.  8.4 million on the verge of starvation
  4. South Sudan looked like an improving situation – but its now going backwards.
  5. 633,000 displaced in the Central African Republic where most agencies simply cannot go.
  6. The Rohingya crisis is current and familiar buy shows no sign of real improvement
  7. Afghanistan is as complex as ever but now with migrants returning from Europe and elsewhere.
  8. Venezuela’s exodus continues causing great strain on it neighbours.
  9. Libya remains a desperate place for the 800,00 or so stuck there.
  10. Cameroon is becoming more and more radicalised with the attendant population movements and violence.

There are no numbers here just a list of countries that have the most appalling need.  In many of these placed humanitarian agencies like ShelterBox find it difficult if not impossible to operate.  In the end it will be down to government to find the political will to act.  But that seems to be declining on all fronts.

ShelterBox aid in Peru in 2017

ShelterBox will play its part.  In 2017 we provided aid to around 160,000 people in 21 countries and we will do more in 2018.

But the rich world needs to get its house in order and simply do more. The world is a more peaceful place with greater economic growth when communities are supported.

You can play your part by supporting the work of ShelterBox across the world.

Author: Chris Warham

Chris was appointed as CEO of ShelterBox in June 2016 after a career in marketing and communications . He is a fundraiser, response team member and former trustee of ShelterBox.

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